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Belebro Hoof Gel
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Belebro Hoof Gel

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What does Belebro Hoof Gel do?

  • Prevents damage to the skin and the hoof from exogenous germs and infections.
  • Prevents the drying out of the hoof and its outer shell and thereby keeps the meeting point of the skin and the outer shell supple.
  • Encourages the horse to spread the load on its hooves more evenly.
  • Leads to extraordinarily strong hoof quality.

What makes Belebro Hoof Gel unique?

Belebro Hoof Gel (patent) is chemically inactive and is therefore not reactive with other substances such as oxygen and water. Belebro Hoof Gel has a long period of effectiveness, whereby the intervals between treatments can be quite long.

Which horses do you treat with Belebro Hoof Gel?

  • All horses with a hoof mechanism that works insufficiently.
  • All horses with poor hoof quality.All horses that are footsore.
  • All horses that you want to protect from the problems mentioned above.
  • Horse shoes limit the hoof mechanism in its function, thereby lowering the resistance of the outer wall.
  • Belebro advises preventative treatment with the Belebro hoof gel on all horses that are shod.

 What results can you expect from Belebro Hoof Gel?

Improved mobility, suppler and easier gaits, better use of the hoof and consequently the promotion of a healthy growth of the hard outer layer from the coronet band as well as the stimulation of autonomous recovery processes (cracking or brittle hooves, splits, loose hoof wall, infections, low corns).

Are there any side effects of the use of Belebro Hoof Gel?

 No known negative side effects!

Horses that have had their hooves treated with Belebro Hoof Gel show a more even weight distribution on the hoof, leading to a more balanced, relaxed and comfortable way of moving.

How do you use Belebro Hoof Gel?

 Belebro Gel is applied to the clipped skin above the coronet band and on the heels of the hooves. Because the gel spreads out, a protective and nutritive layer is created over the outer wall.

How often do you use Belebro Hoof Gel?

1 x per 7 days, and for horses with hoof problems 2 x per week. As well as the use of the hoof gel, Belebro advises letting the horses exercise with the least amount of pressure and stress, on a hard, natural surface that puts pressure on the frog for optimal stimulation of the hoof mechanism. Belebro also advises letting horses with hoof problems go barefoot whenever circumstances allow.

BELEBRO preparations contain no substances that are forbidden by the FEI (doping)or by law (consumption)