Elytes Linea Unika
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Elytes Linea Unika

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Elytes is the perfect complementary feed to provide horses with electrolyte salts.

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When to use Elytes: Horses' sweat is hypertonic, which means that its salt concentration is far higher than blood's one. Therefore, considerable sweating leads to huge loss of sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and calcium that need to be restored quickly to prevent listlessness and muscle cramps. 
Elytes may be useful:
  • To provide horses with electrolyte salts during summer.
  • To compensate salts loss due to heavy sweating during intense efforts periods.
Instructions for use: Properly mix 60 g of Elytes per day with the daily ration to restore the salts lost through perspiration. It is suggested to increase the daily amount up to 100 g per day in case of prolonged efforts or competitive activities and, in particular, during hot seasons.
Measuring scoop:
- level full: 33 g


Sodium chloride

Potassium chloride


Pregelatinised wheat

Anhydrous magnesium sulphate

Salts of organic magnesium acids (Magnesium citrate)



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