Kevin Bacons hoof balm
  • Kevin Bacons hoof balm
  • Kevin Bacons hoof balm

Kevin Bacons hoof balm

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The flexibility, elasticity and good balance of the horse's foot require, among other things, the use of high quality products.

Hoof Dressing is part of this philosophy.

Handcrafted for over 32 years, the Hoof Dressing is a 100% natural product made from animal fats and fresh bay leaves that release their substances after maceration.

Our ointment is not just for making the horn look good. Hoof Dressing penetrates and nourishes the hoof deeply.

Its regular use prevents the wall from drying out, protects against humidity and activates the growth of the horn.

All these properties make Hoof Dressing a remarkable product, used and recommended by all equestrian professionals.

Like all natural greases, our Hoof Dressing hardens in winter because it does not contain any solvents or petroleum products.

We have therefore developed a winter recipe 25% richer in oils, which keeps our ointment smoother even in colder weather.

Hoof Dressing is also available in black.

 When making it, we use a dye from natural vinewood ash, which is also slightly antiseptic and which does not affect the quality of the ointment in any way.


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