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Self & Guts
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Self & Guts

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Self & Guts can deeply improve self-confidence and responses to temporary stress.

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Self & Guts is a product based on Rhodiola and a proprietary blend of probiotics.

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant. The latter was well known to the Vikings to give them strength, courage and tenacity in the event of wars.

Rhodiola, a powerful anti-fatigue, improves balance, increases mental and physical performance and acts in the event of temporary stress.

The magnesium lysinate acts on the nervous tenions, the cramps and the nervousness. Lysinate is the most bioavailable form for your horse's body.

The addition of probiotics helps support digestion and maintain the balance of the intestinal flora.

This product, developed following numerous scientific studies, produced in France, offers many health benefits for your horse.

Ingredients; Magnesium lysinate, rhodiola, clay, peppermint

Dosage; Horse 20gr / day

              Pony 10gr / day

Packaging: 500gr

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