Electro Liq
    • Electro Liq

    Electro Liq

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    Liquid Formulas - 1L / 3L / 5L

    Preparation permitting une bonne récupération après effort, ainsi qu’une bonne réhydratation après une forte sudation.

    Delivery: from 3 to 5 working day for Belgium

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    Association in liquid form of trace elements, amino acids and electrolytes, quickly assimilated, allowing a good recovery of competition horses. Maintains good form after exercise.

    To be used also in case of strong heat.

    Composition per litre:

    Sodium Chloride 70,000mg

    Potassium Chloride 35,000mg

    Dextrose 200,000mg

    Magnesium 4553mg

    Zinc 8280mg

    Manganese 8 140mg

    Copper 2484mg

    Calcium Lactate 15,000mg

    Vitamin C 15,000mg

    Vitamin E 5000mg

    Selenium 1.10mg

    Contains amino acids and effector metals.

    Manual :

    In the mouth, in the drinking water or on the food ration: 30 mL morning and evening.