No More Moods 1L
    • No More Moods 1L

    No More Moods 1L


    Hormonal imbalances in mares

    Perfect for temperamental mares - supports the estrous cycle

    5,000mg High Dose Tree Extract

    Supported with Magnesium and Vitamin B1

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    Hormonal imbalances in mares can lead to "stroppy" and involuntary behavior, sometimes making a horse difficult to handle and resulting in reduced performance.

    What are the benefits of the No More Moods™ solution?

    Hormone Balance (Chastetree Extract)

    Muscle tension (magnesium)

    Nerve function (vitamin B1)

      No More Moods™ contains high-level chastet tree extract, a herb traditionally used to balance hormones associated with the estrus cycle.

    To add even more effectiveness, vitamin B1 and magnesium have also been included. These micronutrients help relieve muscle tension, promoting a calm and quiet mare.

    No More Moods can also benefit stallions.