Agnus-Castus Horse Remedy
    • Agnus-Castus Horse Remedy

    Agnus-Castus Horse Remedy

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    Hormonal regulator

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    Agnus-Castus is recommended in all cases of ovarian dysfunction and difficults behavior related to ovarian discomfort.

    It allows mares to reduce stress and anxiety.

    For stallions: Agnus-Castus is useful for calming the ardor and hot behavior of uncastrated horses.

    Agnus-Castus is a source of vitamins B6, B12, Folic acid, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc.

    Agnus-Castus is one of the most effective plant in the fight against hormonal disorders and it can be given over several cycles.

    Do not use during the pregnancy of the mare.


    Pony: 7gr / day

    Horse: 15 gr / day

    Packaging 1 kg.