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    Unika Balls Herbs


    Linea Unika’s Unika Balls: healthy fun for your horses.

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    Linea Unika has conceived a brand new, groundbraking line of products that completely changes and renovates the concept of complementary feeds: it’s called Unika Balls and it’s way more than a line of horse toys. Unika Balls are balls that your horses may lick throughout the day for, thanks to their ropes made of natural fibres, they can be hung up inside stalls or trailers. Unika Balls are not just a way to entertain your horses, but they’re also a completely new tool to enrich their diets with some important substances, such as officinal plants, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and much more. Indeed, while we all think about complementary feeds as powder or liquid products to add to daily rations, Unika Balls are a complete innovation: they’re suspended complementary feeds!
    Unika Balls are available in 4 different types to meet horses’ most common needs:
    Unika Balls - Elyte: it has been conceived to provide horses with mineral salts, which are essential throughout the year to replenish those horses lose through sweat. 
    Unika Balls - Gastro: it has been conceived for horses with sensitive stomachs. It contains some important phytotherapic ingredients, such as charcoal and liquorice, which are useful to maintain gastric well-being. Unika Balls Gastro is a valuable ally for all horses somatising anxiety as gastric distress, for it stimulates production of saliva, which is alkaline and, therefore, naturally counteracts gastric acidity.
    Unika Balls - Herbs: itcontains a blend of balsamic herbs, such as thyme, rosemary and mint.
    Unika Balls - Prequalm: it contains magnesium, passion flower and lemon balm and is, therefore, conceived for all horses needing to increase their serenity and better control their emotions.
    But that’s not all. Unika Balls are handmade, made in Italy products, which are made of 93% vegetable ingredients. They are rich in fine raw materials, such as rice and soy, and do not contain cereals or sugars: that is why they may also be provided to cereal-intolerant horses, horses eating low glycemic index diets and sporthorses carrying out intense muscular activity. Indeed, sporthorses’ sugar intake should be reduced as much as possible, for sugars would increase lactic acid production.

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