Cookies 1kg
    • Cookies 1kg
    • Cookies 1kg
    • Cookies 1kg
    • Cookies 1kg
    • Cookies 1kg

    Cookies 1kg

    • Horses learn quickly and lastingly through positive reinforcement. As sugar is not a healthy treat and dried bread crumbles in your pocket, these cookies provide the ideal alternative. Additionally they supply your horse with valuable vital substances such as Vitamin A, D3 and E, minerals, calcium and phosphorus.
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    • Horse Care and Feed Supplements - premium quality made in Germany

      Waldhausen‘s wide-ranging products for high quality horse and leather care as well as feed supplements. in cooperation with World- and European Champions, Olympic winners, as well as with show and leisure riders. Care products and feed additives are manufactured by experienced and distinguished producers only under strict quality checks.
      Developed, tried and tested for years. The latest findings from nature, science and technology go into the development of our products.
      The grooming products and feed supplements are produced on our behalf exclusively by experienced and recognised manufacturers under strict quality control.
      Through the collaboration with World- and European Champions, Olympic gold medallists, as well as with competition and leisure riders, our products have established themselves in the equestrian world! Our experience and our name guarantee excellence and q

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