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    • Winderen Bell Boots
    • Winderen Bell Boots
    • Winderen Bell Boots

    Winderen Bell Boots


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    Winderen Ultimate Protection Overreach Boots are extremely resistant to cuts, abrasion and dirt. They act as a protective shield for your horse's hooves, providing maximum protection to the sensitive coronet area. Thanks to their technologically advanced and extremely durable materials, these boots hold up even in the harshest weather conditions. They also last much longer than ordinary bell boots.


    These boots are made from light, water-resistant materials and are suitable for use in wet and muddy conditions.


    When making our Ultimate Protection Overreach Boots, we focused not only on ideal hoof protection through impact-absorbing material, but also on convenience to you. Knowing horses' potential and creativity for destroying bell boots and the variety of surfaces on which they are used, we created an overreach boot that is not only extremely durable, but also very easy to keep clean.


    For our tests we selected horses who, in the opinion of their owners, were real bell boot destroyers. We present a comparison of the new Winderen overreach boots with those that were mainly used for walking and in paddocks for 10 months.

    Ceramic Coating

    The top layer of this overreach boot is covered with ceramic-infused material which makes it stiff and extremely resistant to wear and tear.

    Easy to keep clean

    The upper coat also repels water, so it is very difficult to get dirty and very easy to keep clean. The snow-white bell boots will be looking "like new" for a long time!

    Military-grade hook-and-loop fastening

    The unique hook construction of the high-quality military-grade hook-and-loop closure keeps water out and will not detach even when wet or covered in sand. It can even be fastened when completely wet.


    For ultimate hoof protection we use high quality foam padding with high impact absorption properties.

    Confortable for your horse

    The inner layer of the overreach boot is made of soft waterproof foam material. The durable natural leather trim prevents burns and abrasions.

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