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Equestrian grooming is the art of taking care of horses but also of equipment

For us, grooming consists of two important parts:

The first being to take care of the horse, this being that is at the heart of our passion. The grooming is a special moment for each groom or rider because it is the moment when he communicates with his horse, a little scraper with a currycomb, a little hug between two brush strokes 😍

The second part is the maintenance of the equipment. At Horse-online we know how important having good equipment is for the safety and comfort of rider and horse. Good equipment is expensive and needs to be taken care of for it to last a long time. We have selected a series of oil, glycerin or grease adapted to modern leathers.

Trouvez ici notre selection de brosse, etrille, cure pieds ou meme matériel de tressage.
Vous trouverez aussi tout le matériel pour l'entretien du cuir comme l'huile car & day & Martin ou la graisse Sapo ainsi qu'une série de brosse et eponge pour la glycérine .

Huile pour cuirs
Leather Care
Brosses Waldhausen

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