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What makes Equipage’s riding wear so special?

Since Equipage has been in the industry since the 50’s, it’s grown and developed into an incredibly successful brand. If you grew up around horses or took riding classes as a child, you must have owned or known someone who owned riding wear by Equipage. Since it’s existed for so long it’s a very nostalgic brand, but don’t let that scare you. It’s proven to be hugely beneficial to be in the industry for so long, they’re now experts on the equestrian market’s current needs – as well as future needs. It’s equally loved by amateur equestrians and professional equestrians and it’s guaranteed to stay that way, now and in the future.

What Equipage brings to the table is its stylish and classical design – a wide range of riding wear with a trendy look for every weather and occasion. It’s a very affordable alternative when you’re in the market for stylish riding wear with a classical design. Petster is a proud retailer of Equipage, and here you’ll find a selection of their jackets, riding breeches, shoes, safety vests, gloves and other riding equipment.

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