Hoof Sound 1l
    • Hoof Sound 1l

    Hoof Sound 1l

    Delivery: from 3 to 5 working day for Belgium

    Activates the growth of the horns of the feet and improves their structure.

    Delivery: from 3 to 5 working day for Belgium

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    The first liquid biotin on the market, HOOF-SOUND 2500 ensures good growth of the horns of the feet while modifying its structure.

    The horn then becomes harder, the frog more flexible and the sole healthier.

    The installation of the irons then becomes easier.

    HOOF-SOUND 2500 also contains necessary trace elements, 2500mg of biotin per litre. The HOOF-SOUND 2000 does not contain the necessary trace elements, with a quantity of 2000mg of biotin per liter for a slightly more advantageous price.

    Composition per litre:

    Vitamin A 5,000 IU

    Vitamin D3 750 IU

    Vitamin E 140mg

    Vitamin C 42mg

    Choline 120mg

    Niacin 10mg

    Lysine 30mg

    Methionine 15mg

    Biotin 2500mg

    Copper Sulfate 8000mg

    Iron Sulfate 24mg

    Zinc Sulfate 13,300mg

    Iodine 0.2mg

    Magnesium 14,720mg

    Selenium 1.8mg

    Plant extracts Onion, Mountain Clematis, Indian Rose, Barberry Spruce, Mountain Cornflower, Staphisaigre.

    Manual :

    In the mouth, on the food ration or in the drinking water.

    20 mL daily until satisfied.

    1 container of 1L = +/- 50 days for 1 horse.