• Calmophane


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    To be used on nervous horses so that they maintain their composure and concentration at work.

    Delivery: from 3 to 5 working day for Belgium

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    One of the flagship products of the range, CALMOPHANE is the perfect match for nervous horses that tense up in competition and then lose part of the expression of their abilities.

    Widely used by a large number of riders and trainers, it allows horses to remain calm while conserving their energy.

    Advice: use CALMOPHANE regularly as much as necessary and associate with NERVITEX, oral paste, just before the competition.

    Composition per kilo:

    Magnesium 40,000mg

    Tryptophan 290,000mg

    Vitamin E 300mg

    Lysine 40,000mg

    Selenium 20mg

    Seaweed and plant extracts.

    Manual :

    15 to 45 g per day on the food ration until satisfaction.

    1 pot of 800 gr = ± 1 month for a horse.

    Using advice :

    The day before and 1 hour before a test, give an oral syringe of NERVITEX.