Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen
    • Dressage Girth Winderen

    Dressage Girth Winderen

    Delivery: from 5 to 10 working day for Belgium

    Dressage Girth Winderen

    Delivery: from 5 to 10 working day for Belgium

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    • Significant spot pressure reduction
    • Increased freedom of movement
    • Improved saddle stability
    • Anatomical fit

    The Winderen Pressure Relief Girth has been designed to significantly reduce pressure on the horse's sternum. The Pressure Relief Girth boasts the same proven and technologically advanced materials that we use in our Back Protect Solution saddle half pads. Its anatomical shape has cutback areas at the elbows and a wide surface in the sternum area, making this girth a perfect solution even for sensitive horses. These features help dissipate the pressure points applied on the horse's sternum and muscles, thereby improving the horse’s freedom of movement, breathing and overall comfort during riding.

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    Pressure Relief technology

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    During training, the horse's thorax expands in all directions like an inflated balloon, with the girth pressing on the sternum, sensitive muscles, and nerves. This increased pressure on the girth area can affect various processes inside the horse's body, and may make it react nervously to girthing up for many reasons, so it is crucial that the horse be made to feel as comfortable as possible.

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    That’s why our Winderen Pressure Relief Girth features innovative materials that reduce the pressure both to the horse's sternum and muscles. This solution helps increase comfort and freedom of movement during riding, making this girth ideal even for sensitive horses.

    Anatomical fit

    The Winderen Pressure Relief Girth is anatomically shaped to a horse’s build. The softly finished cutback areas at the elbows give more space for elbow motion, while at the same time providing additional comfort to the sensitive elbow skin. A wide girth design helps reduce point pressure by distributing the force over a larger surface.

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    We’ve also inserted high-quality elastics on both sides of the girth: these are flat and stretchy, but simultaneously very strong and durable.

    In the jumping version, the elastics are positioned at different levels so that the front one is lower and the back one is higher. This improves the adjustment of the girth to the horse's body and makes the saddle flaps fit tighter, increasing the comfort and stability of the rider's calf and allowing it to lie closer to the horse’s body.

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    Impact protection

    Padding the girth with innovative materials not only reduces pressure on the horse's sternum, increasing freedom of movement and breathing, but also provides protection against external impacts such as bumping a cross country fence or hitting the girth area with the front hooves during a jump. The force of the impact is absorbed and dissipated, effectively protecting the horse from bruises and encouraging free and confident jumps.

    High-quality leather

    For the Winderen Pressure Relief Girth we have selected superior full-grain leathers – soft and comfortable on the inside, durable and elegant on the outside. Thanks to the exceptional quality of the materials we have used, with proper care, you will be able to enjoy your girth for many years to come.

    Functional mounts

    To ensure comfort for riders as well, we have provided the girth with a large, functional and secure snap hook. This snap hook can be easily pulled out from under the elegant overlap for the quick attachment of a breastplate. When not in use, it stayCs safely hidden under the overlap to prevent snagging. In addition, we have placed a large eyelet covered with a flap above the snap hook for the quick and secure attachment of draw reins.

    Designed especially for:

    • Sensitive horses
    • Nervous horses
    • Girthy horses
    • Horses with special health conditions
    • Young horses that have not yet had contact with a girth

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    How to choose the right size

    In order to choose the right size of Winderen Pressure Relief Girth, first measure your current girth as shown in the picture below to check the actual length, and then compare it with the sizes we offer.

    Important! Don't just rely on the size stamped on your current girth as, in some girths, the leather and elastics may tend to stretch from regular use. Trust us, we've measured 50 different girths, from various manufacturers, that have been in use over different periods of time. When we compared their given lengths to their actual lengths, we found the difference to be from 5 to even 15 cm longer! To minimise this occurrence, our girths are fitted with extremely strong inside reinforcements to prevent excessive stretching.

    Available in two colours.


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